Friday, January 13, 2012

we are audiofemme.

This blog began as a reaction, and even before it has launched, it has become an embrace.

We had noted a lack of female voice in music writing, but further investigation has unearthed a wealth of female rock journalism, both from the past and in the present. So apparently, the lack is in the notice we take, and in the validity we bestow upon such writings. Let this be a place where we can celebrate those writings instead of ignoring  them.

For now there will be two regular contributors, Miss Annie White and Lindsey Rhoades, and we will be joined by Erin M. Routson when she completes her MFA thesis.  We want to have guest contributors, and often; there's so much opinion, attitude, appreciation, humor, and terrific writing by women who love music as much as we do. We'll be seeking you ladies out in the near future, but until then feel free to submit – if you're a DJ, you run a venue, you work in a record store, you play in a band, or you heard something you just can't get out of your head.

Our ultimate goal for this blog is to make it a real thing – to incorporate the way we experience music in our daily lives. We want to make you mixes, host parties, book shows, dance with you, and link with organizations like Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls and Make Music New York, all in addition to a smattering of video posts, show reviews, interviews, album raves, and musical rants.

We love music in a way that most people are ashamed or afraid to love anything – unabashedly, though not always unconditionally. We may not always understand why or how specific songs can inspire such emotional response, but we feel these emotions in ever fiber of our beings.  Everything you read or see here will stand as testimony to that. Thank you so, so much for joining us.

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